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Tom Tom Drum - Toy Storage


If you have junk to hide, the Tom Tom Toy storage drum is there. If you have plants to house, The Tom Tom Planter is there. If you have friends to impress, who’ll say “what is that” and you casually chime in “It’s a huge oversized drum, don’t you have one?’, the Tom Tom Drum is there.

So useful and cool you’ll wonder how you ever survived without a giant oversized fabric based drum. Imagine two of these at the entrance to your house… I mean please, how much cooler can you get. Why move to Byron when you can just purchase one of these.. The ultimate Laundry tub, toy tub or plant holder.

The Tom Tom drum comes flat packed, because Ikea would have wanted it that way. Pop the poles in, pull it taught and you’re in business. Removable cotton lining ( cold hand wash) with Cotton rope, painted wood frames, metal poles and genuine leather tabs.

45cm x 45cm 

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