Sunday Lane

Bask Print


Bask Narrative Print - These words move beyond the meaning of star signs, rather inspiring affirmation as a persistent and inspirational practice we all need a little more of. The perfect gift for that someone special.

‘Her heart is wild, like she is, it cannot be tamed or caught. It does not break, it burns. Deeper. It will only set her free.  She wants to live with the moon, and the stars.  Shout to the sun, and dance with thunder.  She is not afraid of herself, or her body, she knows her strengths and she has learnt to cherish her power.  She does not care for rules.  She lives a life based on fate and chance.  She trusts the universe, it is what defines her curves and soothes her restless heart’ - Sunday Lane, Bask
297 x 210mm / A4 printed. Frame not included.


215gsm white felt card

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