Why We Chose Carlotta & Gee

Choosing the right linen brand for our Hunter Style Studio family was no easy task until we came across Carlotta & Gee.  And oh my god… I am so glad we came across this 10/10 product. I fell in love the minute my body snuggled into the luxuriously soft 100% French Flax Linen. I don’t know about you, but I love a good night’s sleep. It’s the difference between energised Anne, ready to take on the world, or tired and grumpy Anne, who can’t think straight, and my family stay out of my way because I go after anything in my path.

Flax Linen Olive and Striped BeddingPictured: 100% French Linen Quilt Cover in Olive + 100% French Linen Flat Sheet in Olive Stripe

Linen is a lifelong investment. In our hunt for a quality linen, we finally found our perfect match in Carlotta & Gee. 

It all started with Carlotta & Georgia. Two friends who founded Carlotta & Gee after taking a trip to Byron Bay and falling in love with the feeling of sleeping in pure linen bedding.  After numerous trips to France, Carlotta & Gee was born in 2018.  They set off on their adventure with 3 goals to achieve. 1. A high quality product, 2. To ensure that each product was eco-friendly and sustainable, and 3. To be affordable so you can grow your collection over time. 

Linen Bedding French Flax

Pictured: 100% French Linen Quilt Cover in Natural Stripe + 100% French Linen Flat Sheet in Tobacco

So why is Carlotta & Gee’s linen bedding better than the rest you may ask?

Here are the six reasons we fell in love with Carlotta & Gee and we know you will too!

  1.  Its Low Environment Footprint – The linen is derived from strong and natural flax fibres from France, where the climate conditions are perfect to ensure the plants are grown naturally and ecologically, without the need for pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Flax doesn’t need heavy irrigation, so its production uses little water, making it a more sustainable choice. The biodegradable fibres are woven into bedding, the seeds are eaten, and the oil from the plant is used for varnish to ensure there is no wastage. Carlotta & Gee’s linen is also dyed free from harmful chemicals, a total win win. Our health comes first!
  2. Linen is for Life – Flax being the oldest and strongest natural fibre in the world, is naturally 30% thicker and stronger which extends the durability of the bedding. It will last a lifetime if you look after it.
  3. Equals comfortable sleep – The linen is washed in volcanic stones from Malaysia to accelerate the flax softening process, resulting in extra soft, luxurious linen bedding which will feel better against your skin. It will help boost your mood as well as giving you a good night’s sleep.
  4. Perfect for all Seasons – The natural fibres of flax allow air to circulate, allowing it to breath which means it is perfect all year round. It cools you in Summer but will retain the heat from your body during the cooler months, keeping your body warm and cosy, thus being very cost effective.
  5. Is Chemical-Free and Hypoallergenic – What I love about C & G is that when creating and designing this amazing linen, the quality and our health was the girls first priority. The flax is grown organically, so it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals. The dyes used in the process have no formaldehyde in them, which means that there are less harmful toxins being absorbed into our bodies. Linen draws away the moisture in the air, remaining cool and dry to touch, which means that it won’t retain any nasty smells. It is perfect for those with allergies.
  6. Certification Guarantee – C & G can proudly say that all their linen is OEKO-TEX certified, which means the fabric is tested to ensure no harmful substances were used and it was authentically grown. C & G are proud to be certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well, which is a standard to ensure the textiles are made from organic fibres. To obtain this certification, C & G’s linen also needs to comply with Social Criteria such as working conditions, pay and stringent health and safety standards throughout the supply chain.

            Ocean Blue French Flax LinenPictured: 100% French Linen Quilt Cover in Ocean + 100% French Linen Flat Sheet in Natural

            In the past, I have always thought of linen as being a thick and stiff material and the thought of sleeping on it just screamed scratchy! My life has now been transformed. Linen has significantly developed in the way it is manufactured today. Carlotta & Gee has ensured that their linen quality is second to none.  Carlotta and Gee have ticked all the right boxes with sustainability in mind. From the development process right through to the design aesthetics of the finished product.  The girls are involved in the process from the beginning to the end. They are in regular contact with the farmers and the ways they grow the flax to the family-owned factory who manufactures each piece and in learning the process from beginning to end. Carlotta & Georgia have put so much thought into the finished product.  From the flat sheets having a 20cm double layered top edge, so when you fold it back, your bed will always look complete and tidy to an extra deep pillow flap to ensure your pillow stays snugly. To finish the look, the quilt cover has ties which create a more natural, seamless effect when making your bed. And when you thought that it couldn't get any better, it does! Lets talk about the colours…They have been carefully selected to match all styles.  From neutrals and whites to richer shades such as tobacco and olive, you can mix and match to create your perfect sanctuary in your bedroom. I guarantee that you will not want to get out of bed and you will fall in love with Carlotta & Gee’s natural goodness of linen bedding just like we have. 

            Shop the collection here!

            Good night, I am off to bed now to snuggle in and get the best night’s sleep ever!

            Anne x

            Blush Pink French Flax Linen BeddingPictured: 100% French Linen Flat Sheet in Blush + 100% French Linen Standard Pillowcase Set in Blush 

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