Top 5 Tips for a Happy Mum - Mother's Day Edition

Behind Hunter Style Studio is a Mother/Daughter Trio, which means when it comes to Mother’s Day we know a thing or 2 on how to make Mum happy. Here are our top 5 tips to ensure you have a happy Mum this Mother's Day.

  1. Put Your Shit Away... I'm talking pick up your shoes, put your clothes away, tidy up the bathroom, the list goes on and on and on (just like your nagging mum). There’s nothing that peeves mums more then having to clean up after YOU!
  1. Whip up Breakfast... It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a 5 Hat Chef, your Mum will honestly just appreciate your effort. Don’t you dare leave the kitchen in a mess though. 
  1. Avoid Sibling Wars... It’s one day guys, surely you can rest the arguing, hitting and fighting for just one day. All your Mum wants is for you to at least act like you love each other. Is that too much to ask?
  1. Peace and Bloody Quiet... For goodness sake, your Mum tends to you 24/7, 365 days a year, so run her a hot tub, light her favourite candle, pour her a glass of wine and leave her the heck alone for at least an hour.
  1. Last but certainly not least, a thoughtful gift… This is where we come in, and lucky for you we have the insider goss from Mumma Hunter Style Studio herself. We asked her to create the ultimate gift guide for us to share with you. Click here to view the entire collection.

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