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Are you looking for the perfect rug for your space? We have you covered. 
Getting a rug that is right for you has never been easier with the diverse range of size and compositions that are available through us here at Hunter Style Studio.

1st things 1st.. Size Matters. When selecting a rug, it’s important that you don’t skimp on size. A rug that is too small will make the room feel and look out of proportion. Ideally your rug should extend under all key pieces of furniture in the room as this will anchor and define the area from the surrounding spaces.

Now, lets talk positions... When it comes to the bedroom, we suggest to lie your rug width ways underneath the bed. Always have additional rug showing on the sides & base of the bed. A luxurious rug under foot will be the perfect way start to your day when getting out of bed of a morning. 

Floor Rug underneath Bed Lisbon Floor Rug - Sea Salt by Weave Home

In your lounge room there should be a connection between your lounge, side table and/or coffee table with your rug. The front legs of your lounge should be sitting on the rug however your smaller furniture pieces, i.e occasional chairs & coffee table, should be placed on the rug in their entirety.

In a dining room, it is pivotal that your table is centered on your rug and that your dining chairs can be pulled out and still be positioned on the rug. 

Beyond the look and placement of a rug it is important to ensure the rug has the appropriate properties within its makeup, which defines whether the rug is suitable for either the low or high traffic areas of your home.

We suggest a rug that comprises of Jute or features a tight flat weave for a hallway, dining room or any other high traffic areas of your home. Consider the Atlas, Matterhorn, Catania, Lisbon, Jimara or Denali when sourcing for these spaces where as in a sitting room, bedroom or nursery there is significantly less traffic and you can afford to use more of a luxurious, thicker style of rug such as the Zambesi, Andes, Emerson, Mitre and Almonte.

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