Masterclass on Hanging Art

Hurrah! You’ve found and purchased yourself the perfect piece of art. What comes next though is undeniably the toughest decision… What height do I hang it at? I am going to share with you, a range of tips and tricks to ensure you never have to worry about hanging art in the wrong position again. Lets begin..

Tip #1 – Hang at Eye Level
To achieve maximum impact, art should be hung at eye level. 150cm from the floor to the centre of your art will be the key to your success. One exception to this rule is when you are hanging art directly above any furniture. In this instant we recommend hanging your art no more than 10-15cm above the piece.

Tip #2 – The Importance of Scale
When hanging art above your lounge, console, bed etc. bigger is not always better. The general rule of thumb is that your art should take up around ¾ the width of your piece of furniture.

Tip #3 – Hanging in Multiples
Considering hanging your art as part as a wolf pack? Whether you are grouping your art in twos, threes, four’s (the list goes on) its imperative to space the artworks appropriately so that it creates coherence. Spacing of 5-7cm is the magic number when you’re working with large-scale artworks where as smaller artworks only require a 3.5-6cm gap. 

Tip #4 – The Shelfie
Art doesn’t always have to find a home on a wall. For an alternate look, you may want to consider leaning your art against a wall where is can rest on a shelf below. It is a fantastic alternative if your walls aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of a heavy piece of art.

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